International & Offshore Merchant Accounts

Do I Need An Offshore Account?

offshore-merchant-accountDo you want your business to reach new markets and increase sales, combined with a familiar and seamless shopping experience? If you do, then opening an offshore merchant account for your business is just what you need!

What are offshore merchant accounts?

Offshore merchant accounts are the same as any regular merchant accounts, except they are established with a bank outside of your home country. Offshore merchant accounts give all legitimate businesses the opportunity to accept all major credit cards from abroad, making them perfect for high risk industries such as online pharmaceuticals, e-cigarettes and tech support.

What are the advantages of having an offshore merchant account?

First and foremost, an offshore merchant account allows for great convenience. There are so many rapid advancements in technology, so more and more consumers expect merchants to offer faster, easier, and safer ways to pay electronically for the products and services they wish to buy. Offshore merchant accounts allow for millions of credit card payments to be processed around the world daily, so merchants are able to reap the benefits of offering multi-currency payment solutions.

Secondly, an offshore merchant account will help increase your conversion rates, as customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from an online merchant who offers their preferred payment method and currency. It makes the online shopping experience a whole lot easier, catering to the needs of everyone around the globe.

Another advantage of offshore merchant accounts are that many e-commerce merchants are faced with difficulties when trying to find good credit card processing services. With many e-commerce industries categorized as “high risk,” some acquiring banks will be unlikely to provide merchant accounts to hard-working merchants. By having an offshore merchant account, it is easier to find a bank that will be more willing and eager to work with you.

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