High Risk Merchant Account

Everything You need to know about a High Risk Merchant Account

high-risk-merchant-accountWhen setting up a business, one needs to have a merchant account in place, which is a registered contract between the bank and your business. This contract specifies that the bank will accept payments for your business’s products or services, whether it is from within the country or internationally. Setting up a merchant account is therefore a very important part of any business setup, but some business types can be considered as ‘high risk’, making it difficult for them to get approved for a merchant account.

What can cause my business to be considered as high risk?

If your business has been classified as high risk, this is usually due to belonging to a high risk industry type (such as high ticket sales, online pharmaceuticals or debt collection) and the amount of chargebacks you face during the normal course of business. Other reasons include a previous merchant account application denial by a Merchant Processor; poor credit scores and bad business credit, and conducting business into countries other than where they are based.

Getting approved for a high risk merchant account with HR Payment:

high-risk-merchant-account-processingAt HR Payment, we will work with you to set up your high risk merchant account, and we will get you approved fast! If you have been finding it difficult to get approved for a merchant account due to being considered as a high risk merchant, we will make the process easy for you.

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These types of account are generally of websites like:

Adult Sites | products & videos | Bail Bondsmen | Binary Options | Bitcoins | Cellular Phones | Check Cashing Services | Cigars/Tobacco | Coin Shops | Collection Agencies | Cosmetic Jewelry | Dating Websites | Door-to-Door Sales | E-Cigarettes | Educational Software | Escort Services | Massage Parlors | Financial Services | Fine Jewelry | Forex Trading | Gun Shops | High Volume | High Ticket | Insurance Products | Internet Gambling | Loan Services | Lotteries | Medical Marijuana | Mortgage Services | Securities Sales | Multilevel Marketing | Online Casinos | Online Gaming | Online Pharmacy | Vitamins | Pawn Shops | Payday Loans | Penny Auction | Pharmaceuticals | Phone Sex | Stock Trading | Strip Clubs | Timeshares | Weight Loss & more.!

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